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Mark's mother was an Austrian, born in Vienna and his father was English.

He was born in Sydney, Australia. Mark lived and worked in England and in Germany and he worked in the field of molecular biology research at Oxford, Münster and Heidelberg. 2014 he retired. Nearly 5 years ago he moved to Austria and bought a house in the Greith and he is a member of GELAWI.

His mothers Christmas pudding recipe is a bit lighter than the traditional one.

Christmas Pudding Recipe

Serves 8

Preparation time 30 minutes + overnight soaking

Cooking time 2 hours in pressure cooker


250g raisins

250g currants

250g sultanas.

250g butter

250g brown sugar

125g plain flour

125g fresh white breadcrumbs

60g candied lemon peel

60g candied mixed peel or glacé cherries

60g chopped almonds

Half teaspoon salt, mixed spice, grated nutmeg, carbonate of soda

4 eggs

3 tablespoons of brandy or rum or sherry.

  1. Soak the fruit (currents/raisins/saltanas) overnight in spirit; brandy or rum or whisky.

  2. Next day cream together the butter and sugar and gradually add the eggs.

  3. Add the remaining ingredients, fruit, nuts, breadcrumbs, and sifted dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.

  4. Place in 2 heat proof buttered bowls approx. 1.5 liter volume.

  5. Cover the surface of the pudding with baking parchment, or greaseproof paper then cover the bowl with a double-layer of baking parchment and alumiuim foil and tie around the rim with string.

  6. Boil 1 litre of water a kettle and place the pudding on a trivet in your pressure cooker and pour the boiled water around it. Cover with the lid and steam for 15 mins without closing the lid. Fully close the lid and cook on high pressure for 1 hr 45 mins, then release the pressure slowly following the manufacturer’s instructions.

  7. Alternatively the puddings can be covered as above with parchment and foil and a cloth and steamed on top of the stove for 6 hours.

  8. Leave the pudding to cool, then store in a cool, dry place for up to a year. To reheat, set the pressure cooker up as before and cook for 15 mins on high pressure, then release the pressure slowly. Turn out the hot pudding on a plate and serve with brandy butter, double cream, ice cream or custard.



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